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How I work

Each session is a unique experience resulting from the combination of your needs, desires, and intentions with my best ability to help you with them. I can draw from various modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, craniosacral, myofascial work, different kinds of energy work, and others. My work is always growing and changing as I learn from continuing education classes and practice both giving and receiving bodywork.

Appointment structure

Every appointment includes:

  • An intake conversation
  • Work tailored to your concerns
  • A check-in at the end
  • An opportunity to schedule your next session


Scheduling your first session begins with a quick phone call so we can talk about what you would like and get you on the calendar.

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Types of sessions

Therapeutic Bodywork

Are you seeking bodywork because you have soreness, tension, tightness, or pain that bothers you? Or perhaps you have an active lifestyle that requires some extra self-care. Therapeutic massage covers many possible situations, including:

  • Soreness, tension, tightness, pain
  • Pain in specific areas, such as the low back or between the shoulder blades
  • Repetitive strain, carpal tunnel, or tendinitis type pains
  • Recent injury
  • Old injuries that leave you feeling not fully healed
  • Sports or other activities that create wear and tear on the body, or increase the potential for future injuries
  • Prepping or upcoming surgery
  • Recovering from previous surgery
  • Poor postural patterns

In our session we will work together to release your muscles, unwind tension, and restore balance in your body. Clients often leave feeling lighter, taller, more in alignment, relaxed and energized.

The types of bodywork best suited to your individual concerns depends on your situation, but in all sessions I strive for work that is as pain-free as possible, powerful rather than forceful, and respectful of your body. My clients do not leave feeling "beat up" or their bodies traumatized from excessive pressure or force.

Relaxation Massage

A client of mine once said, “I don’t realize just how tense I am until I get massage from you. Your hands seem to pull out stress I didn't even know was there.”

When was the last time you noticed your breathing? Or took a deep breath? If a mini-vacation sounds like what the doctor ordered, this massage is for you. To feel your body again, even the parts that might be holding discomfort. To put the mind on hold, letting the daily chatter get distant and quiet for a while. To find balance, top to bottom, left and right. What would it be like to leave feeling like a whole person again?


Have you ever had trouble getting your mind to settle down, to stop thinking about work or other stressful situations, to let go?

Imagine drifting away on the table, and while your body relaxes with soothing massage your mind also relaxes with a specially designed hypnotherapy soundtrack. As the recording plays and the hypnotherapist speaks, the conscious mind can let go of distracting thoughts as it follows along, while the subconscious mind takes in powerful suggestions to deepen and extend the relaxing and healing benefits of the bodywork.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral is a vibrant, alive, and life affirming form of bodywork. Imagine being touched with a stillness so deep that healing begins to happen on its own. Think about the way it feels when someone quietly and truly listens to you speak and you know that you’ve been fully heard. That is how the body feels being touched this way.

Clients often experience altered states, deep relaxation, or the sense of going some place far, far away. When they come back, they’re not always sure exactly what happened, but they can feel that it was something good. Clients can also experience reductions or complete disappearance of pain, and often discover, in the days after sessions, an increased awareness of the source of their troubles.

Each client has his or her own experience; all are very different. Some experience tremendous emotional release, crying or laughing or raging on the table. Others see visions of their problems that change and resolve. Many simply feel flows of energy or color moving through their bodies. Over a course of sessions many things can shift; over time subtle healings reveal themselves.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a special type of mind-body work based on the acupressure meridian system. It helps shift negative feelings and beliefs in a very short amount of time. When we recognize that mind and body are not separate, we understand that working just with the mind is only half the equation. These sessions, conducted seated face to face, use body based techniques to teach you how to work with your body and its connections to your mind.

Some things EFT can help with include:

  • A current life transitionjob loss, breakup/divorce, bereavement/grief
  • Uncomfortable emotional intensitiesphobias, anxiety, panic attacks, anger
  • Habitual thoughts or behaviorslow self-esteem, obsessive thoughts, addictions, eating habits, chronic pain, trauma, depression
  • Augmenting psychotherapy with bodyworkgetting lots of insights but having trouble applying them? EFT helps let go of the stuff you don't want, including blockages that get in the way of the stuff you do want.

What would happen if you did more than just think and talk about the issues you’re dealing with? What if you could access the places in your body that hold it and flush it out? What would life be like if you could quiet roaring emotions quickly and easily? Or make the intensity of unhappy memories fade like an old photo?